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Digital Hot Plate / Stirrer

Maximum temperature setting:300℃

Model: WH420

Order NO.: 400315


Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.

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> Advanced microprocessor controlling system guarantees the reliability and temperature stability
> Bright and clear LED digital display and setting for the working temperature, stirring speed, working time, and safety temperature
> Memory function for stirring speed and temperature setting, convenient for experiments with fixed conditions
> Liquid drainage above the control board to prevent liquids from accessing the system
> Direct connection for Pt100 temperature sensor for convenient solution temperature control
> Sealed outer shell and isolated critical parts design for enhanced longevity even in a harsh laboratory environment
> When the temperature of the top plate is above 60℃ , hot-top indicator will light up for the user's safety protection

Standard PT100 temperature sensor
Accurate solution temperature within ±1℃ in general range.

LED selectable
Display temperature and speed at the same time, and remember the last working parameters.

Ceramic top plate
Great anti-corrosive ability to acid, base, or organic solvents.

Safety protection
Flashing high temperature indicator, warning for hurt by touch.

Liquid drainage
Above the control board Avoid the solution splashing on the touch board.


Model WH420
Order No. 400315
Number of stirring positions 4
Maximum temperature setting [℃ ] 300
Maximum temperature setting with E-sensor [℃ ] 300
Safety temperature [℃ ] 370
Temperature stability with E-sensor [℃ ]* ±1
Total heating output [W] 1000
External temperature sensor Pt100
PID parameter 1 set
Speed setting range [rpm] 150~1500
Stirring quantity max [L / H2O] 2
Temperature and Speed display LED display
Temperature and Speed setting Turning knob
Time setting 1~9959min / continuous
Top plate material Aluminium coated with ceramic
Top plate dimensions [mm] (160×155) x4
RS 232 interface Yes
Dimensions W x D x H [mm] 405x320x80
Weight [kg] 8.5
Power supply 220V/50Hz

*Measured with 500ml water at 80 ℃
Standard package includes: Hot plate / stirrer, thermocouple sensor PT100-01 with holder and clamp,stirrer bar 4pcs or 6pcs ( Order No. 1.230.8)



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