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Bench top reactor, all-in-one, jacketed, 1000ml

Max. reaction volume recommendation:1000ml

Model: WRS-1501-04

Order NO.: WRS-1501-04


Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.

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NEW Bench top Reactor are complete with support stand, overhead stirrer and glassware, available with the optional multi channel regulating valve. The unique design of the Bench top Reactor support stand and clamping system allows for quick and easy installation/removal of glassware and fits into most fume hood. 

1000ml complete bench top Reactor

Part number Description
WRS-1501-041 Complete with Glassware & Stand, and Digital Overhead Stirrer WOHS-15 Pro
WRS-1501-042 Complete with Glassware, Stand, and High Torque Overhead Stirrer WOHS-400 Pro
WRS-1501-041M Complete with Glassware & Stand, Multi channel regulating valve and Digital Overhead Stirrer WOHS-15 Pro
WRS-1501-042M Complete with Glassware, Stand, Multi channel regulating valve and High Torque Overhead Stirrer WOHS-400 Pro


Max. reaction volume recommendation 1000mL
Flange DN100
Bore diameter of bottom valve 0-10mm
Reactor lid CN:24/40, SN:24/40(3), 45° -GL45
Material of reaction vessel and lid High quality borosilicate glass
Temperature range -60~200℃
Vessel pressure suitable for atmospheric and vacuum reaction
Jacket pressure up to 0.5bar
Material of wet part Borosilicate glass / PTFE / PFA
Inlet and outlet of jacket DN15
Stirring speed Available at 500 RPM for long-term operation, 800 RPM for short-term operation
If high-speed mixing applications are required, please consult your Wiggens
Diameter/length of stirring Rod Ø10mm / 500mm
Blade diameter 70mm(4 blade angled type stir paddle)
Length of condenser 300mm
Volume of collection flask 500mL
Volume of liquid funnel 250mL
Distance between discharge port and spill tray 140mm
Weight 29.2kg
Stand Dimensions ( W x D x H) Approx.  500x 440x1200mm



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