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Heating Capacity:1.2KW,Speed Range :100~1200rpm

Model: WH380

Order NO.: W301380


Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.

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In addition to fast or temperature controlled heating, a lot of applications also require liquids to be stirred. Using our laboratory stirrer WH380 with heating, the process of mixing liquids can be selected from careful to intense, and the device can also be used for speedy heating up or controlled temperature adaptation.

Safe Heating and Mixing
Have you ever heard of hotplates with fast heat-up times and chemical resistance?
Chemical resistance, a high surface quality, and a resistance to temperature shocks of more than 700℃ provide the user with maximum benefits compared to conventional heating surface materials. The always porefree and plane surface enables even most stubborn dirt to be removed simply and in a caring manner. The high infra-red permeability ensures that the heating energy is transferred quickly and with a low loss rate, i.e. it heats liquids faster than other heating surface materials, and thus saves energy.

Quality and safety
*  As a matter of course, our laboratory hotplates and laboratory stirrers are developed and produced according to high international quality standards.
*  A residual-heat display protects the user from the hazard of injuries (burning). Over-heating is excluded by the built-in over-temperature protection.
*  The corrosion-resistant, solid, casing with a hermetically sealed, non-inflammable top made of duroplastic in the case of the laboratory hotplates and of coated die-cast aluminium in the case of the laboratory stirrer ensure a long and trouble-free use of the devices.
* The stand rod holder on the back panel of the device can be used to connect accessories such as a temperature sensor conveniently and securely.

Our new laboratory stirrer will fulfill all the high demands you place on it every day!
The laboratory stirrer WH380 is extremely well suited for gentle to intensive mixing of liquids and at the same time it can quickly heat the liquids or simply keep them at a steady temperature.

Touch controller with intuitive control
The newly designed touch controller has modern sensor keys with a separate display field. Thus you can always keep track and the display field keeps clean. The newly developed menu structure has been optimized by usability experts and offers simple and intuitive operation.

User friendly design
Since the device is controlled using infrared touchcontrol technology, the design of the hotplates excels by the absence of exposed controls, space-restricting frames, or dirt-attracting corners.
These design features contribute to a considerable minimisation of the efforts required forcleaning and servicing the devices on a daily basis.
Using our new WH380 stirrer with heating, the process of mixing liquids can be selected from careful to intense, and the device can also be used for speedy heating up or controlled temperature adaptation.

Stirring, heating and controlling using the WH380
* Corrosion-resistant Ceramic Glass top plate
*  Excellent transmittance of the infrared light
*  The top plate can resist up to 700℃ thermal shocks
*  Hermetically sealed, corrosion-resistant, solid casing
*  Fast heating and excellent temperature stability
*  External control by the connection of a Pt100 temperature sensor
*  A high-temperature indicator warns the user and prevents burning injuries
*  Compressed air connector optionally available for the use in aggressive environments




Display Mode


Heating Capacity (kW)


Max. Set Temperature ( top plate) (℃ )


Max. Set Temperature (with Pt100 sensor)(℃ )


Temperature Stability (Pt100sensor)(℃ )


Min. Time to Boiling Point for 1L H2O (min)

10(1L H2O)

Stirring Speed Range (rpm)


Stirring quantity max [L / H2O]


Setting accuracy (rpm)


Digital set/actual rpm display


Top Plate Area (W x L in mm)


Heating Zone (mm)


Mixing Capacity (L) H2O


Top Plate Material

Ceramic Glass

Housing material

Die-cast, coated with anti-corrosion material

Environmental conditions

-5℃ ~+40℃;Admissible air humidity 85%

Protection type / protection class

IP20, Level 1

Temperature sensor connector




Dimensions (L x W x H in mm)


max. load (kg)


Weight (kg)


Mains connection


Order No.


500mL water measured at 80℃


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