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Infrared Hot Plate / Stirrer

Heat output:1200W,Maximum temperature setting:550℃

Model: WH380

Order NO.: W3013803


Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.

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Attractive designs for heating, stirring and controlling
WH380 presets 3 sets of PID for different volume heating application. WH385 uses advanced ICC technology to self-optimize for optimal results. WH380 has LCD display and WH385 has TFT.

Standard PT100 temperature sensor
Accurate solution temperature within ±1℃ in general range.

Ceramic glass top plate
Great anti-corrosive ability to acid, base, or organic solvents.

Rapid heating up speed.
Temperature can reach up to 550℃ , and one liter of water can be boiled in approx. 9 minutes.
(Measured in 2L glass flask at 25℃ ambient temperature and 1bar air pressure)

Touch controller (WH385)
with comfortable and easy operation.

Heating power
With 1200W heating power, rapid heating speed.

Extra large heating plate
Top plate dimensions: 280×280mm Heating zone: Ø190mm.


Model WH380
Order no. W3013803
Maximum temperature setting [℃ ] 550
Maximum temperature setting with E-sensor [℃ ] 300
Safety temperature [℃ ] 50~600 adjustable
High temperature protection [℃ ] 10~50 adjustable
Temperature stability with E-sensor [℃ ]* ±1
Heat output [W] 1200
External temperature sensor Pt100
Temperature control PID
Speed setting range [rpm 100~1500
Stirring quantity max [L / H2O] 30
Display LCD
Mixing direction Clockwise
Time setting 1~1999min / continuous
Top plate material Ceramic glass
Top plate dimensions [mm] 280×280
Communicate interface. RS232/485
Dimensions W x D x H [mm] 282x450x115
Weight(Kg) 4.0
Power supply 220V/50Hz

*Measured with 500ml water at 80 ℃ Standard package includes: Hot plate / stirrer, thermocouple sensor PT100-01 with holder and clamp,stirrer bar ( Order No. 1.230.8)



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