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Infrared Hot Plate / Stirrer

Maximum temperature setting:450℃

Model: WH260-NH

Order NO.: W3012602


Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.

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The WIGGENS new hotplate stirrer offers several advantages due to its Schott glass ceramic surface. It provides chemical resistance, high surface quality, and can withstand temperature shocks of over 700℃ , making it a superior choice compared to conventional heating surface materials. The high infrared permeability ensures efficient transfer of heating energy with minimal loss, resulting in fast heating of liquids and significant time and energy savings. PID control ensures good temperature stability, and when a Pt-100 sensor is connected, temperature-controlled work with a stability of ± 2℃ can be achieved in most applications.
The device features a large and clear LCD display that allows users to view and monitor essential parameters such as working temperature, stirring speed, working time, and safety temperature. It also includes a memory function for stirring speed and temperature settings, making it convenient for experiments with fixed conditions. To prevent liquids from reaching the touching board and electronics, there is liquid drainage above the control board. Additionally, a direct connection for a Pt100 temperature sensor enables easy solution temperature control. The hotplate stirrer is designed with a sealed outer shell and isolated critical parts to enhance its longevity, even in harsh laboratory environments. It offers high safety protection, automatically shutting off the heating when exceeding the safety range of the hotplate (adjustable between 10-50℃ ) to ensure user safety. With three sets of PID parameters, it is suitable for accurate control of smallvolume samples, rapid heating, and stable temperature control of large-volume.

Standard PT100 temperature sensor
Accurate solution temperature within ±1℃ in general range.

LCD display
Simultaneously displaying various parameters, memory of the last working parameters.

Ceramic glass top plate
Great anti-corrosive ability to acid, base, or organic solvents.

Safety protection
Flashing high temperature indicator, warning for hurt by touch.

Liquid drainage
Above the control board Avoid the solution splashing on the touch board.

Intelligent PID
Suitable for different application, for accurately controlling the quick heating of small sample and the stable temprature control of large sample.

Overheating protection
If the internal temperature exceeds the permissible temperature that may damage the internal electronic components, the heating power will be reduced automatically.

USB-A interface
Enable the unit to be connected to a PC for operating.

Safety temperature
is an adjustable temperature safety circuit that prevents from exceeding a specified set temperature. The safety temperature can be adjusted by using a special tool included in the product delivery.

Ceramic glass top plate
Ceramic Glass by Schott combines chemical resistance, top quality surfaces and resistance to temperature shocks of greater than 700℃ .

WH260-H / NH / AH
Plate dimension: 180x180mm.

WH260-R / AR
Plate dimension: Ø135cm Suitable for parallel application.

Height: Only 85mm.

Easy to operate
Rotating knobs control panel.




Order No.


Maximum temperature setting [℃ ]


Maximum temperature setting with E-sensor [℃ ]


Safety temperature [℃ ]

50-500 adjustable

High temperature protection [℃ ]

10~50 adjustable

Temperature stability with E-sensor [℃ ]


Heat output [W]


External temperature sensor


PID parameter

3 sets

Speed setting range [rpm]


Stirring quantity max [L / H2O]


Temperature and Speed display

LCD display

Temperature and Speed setting

Turning knob

Time setting

1~1999min / continuous

Top plate material

Ceramic glass

Top plate dimensions [mm]


USB-A interface


Dimensions W x D x H [mm]


Weight [kg]


Power supply


*Measured with 500ml water at 80 ℃
Standard package includes: Hot plate / stirrer, thermocouple sensor PT100-01 with holder and clamp, stirrer bar ( Order No. 1.230.8)



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