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Overhead Stirrer

Speed range:40~2000rpm,Input power:70W

Model: WB2000-C

Order NO.: 100500


Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.

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WIGGENS® offers overhead stirrers for your stirring and mixing tasks in the lab for low to high viscosities. Safety, power and intelligence are again at the core of the development of this product range. The powerful motors achieve homogeneous results with exact speed even under changing loads or high viscosity and produce little noise. Many reliable solutions are available, according to different requirements in terms of viscosity and volume. WIGGENS® overhead stirrers process stirring quantities of up to 100 liters.

> Brushless DC motor, which is very suitable for long-term experimental applications
> Stable and accurate stirring process due to latest micro-processor technology
> Slow ramp-up and speed limits protect you from splashes
> Totally enclosed and compact casing
> The high torque ensures maximum efficiency and minimal processing time even for high-viscosity media
> Stable and quiet working process
> Internal overload protection
> Adjustable impeller shaft for different heights
> Soft start at low speed guarantees a smooth and safe stirring process
> Suitable for applications in various environments
> The standard version package entails the overhead stirrer, a stand, rod, and clamp, as well as a stainless steel impeller
> Availability of a wide range of different optional impellers.


Model WB2000-C
Order No. 100500
Speed range [rpm] 40~2000
Setting accuracy speed [rpm] 1
Deviation of speed measurement n > 300rpm ±3 %
Speed Display LCD display
Clockwise or counterclockwise of stirring Yes
Speed setting Push button
Stirring quantity max [L / H2O] 50
Input power [W] 70
Output power [W] 50
Motor principle Brushless DC motor
Torque max. at stirring shaft [N-cm] 70
Stirring element fastening Keyless chuck, easy to install and replace the shaft.
Chuck range diameter [mm] 0.5~10
Hollow shaft, inner diameter [mm] 10.2
Fastening on stand Extension arm
Extension arm diameter [mm] 13
Extension arm length [mm] 124
Housing material Cast aluminum coated
RS232 interface Yes
Dimensions (W x H x D) 105 x160 x185
Weight [kg] 11
Power supply 100~240VAC,50/60Hz



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