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Remotely Controllable High Torque / High Speed Stirrer

Setting accuracy speed:1rpm

Model: WOHS-200 Pro F

Order NO.: W3041030F


Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.

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Ideally perform your professional stirring tasks requiring high functionality, safety, and longevity. Prestige touch TFT controller.
> Low vibration, noise-free operation.
> Brushless DC motor, strong and stable operation.
> High torque stirring for high viscosity samples.
> Accurate speed control.
> Microprogram control to prevent liquid splashing.

When used with a reactor or on other special occasions, it is necessary to operate the stirrer at a certain distance.

WIGGENS newly designed remotely controllable overhead stirrer combines the stirring drive unit with the control unit split assembly, the cable connection allows easy and safe operation of the stirrer at a distance.
> Handheld controller 150mm long, 100mm wide with a 2m wire.
> The connection of the handheld controller to the stirrer and the connection of the wire to the operation panel are all push-in aviation plugs.
> The handheld controller can display stirring speed, torque, stirring mode, etc.

The handheld controller
> Simple operation, TFT touchscreen control.
> When handling special samples, the stirrer can be controlled remotely without opening the fume hood and biosafety cabinet.

> Aluminum housing, which can effectively absorb or dissipate the heat generated inside.
> Power adapter and main unit are separated to protect the user from the risk of electric shock.

Model WOHS-200 Pro F
Order No. W3041030F
Speed Range (rpm) 30~600(I)
Torque max. at stirring shaft [N-cm] 339(I)
Maximum Stirring volume(L)H20 100
Maximum stirring viscosity (cps) 100000
Maximum Torque [N-cm] 339
Setting accuracy speed [rpm] 1
Deviation of speed measurement n > 300rpm ±3 %
Speed Display TFT
Speed setting Touch key and turning knob
Time setting range 99h59min59sec
Temperature measuring range[℃ ] -10~350
Temperature measurement resolution[℃ ] 0.1
Working status indicator Standby (blue) , Running (green) , Alarm (red)
Interface RS-232/485 and analog connection Yes
Power [W] 150
Motor principle Brushless DC motor
Stirring element fastening Keyless chuck, easy to install and replace the shaft
Chuck range diameter [mm] 0.5~10
Hollow shaft, inner diameter [mm] 10.2
Power supply 100~240VAC,50/60Hz



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