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Infrared hot plate / Stirrer

Top Plate Temperature Range: Ambient Temperature-450℃,Rotating Speed 100-1200rpm,Temperature Stability ±2℃

Model: WH240-R

Order NO.: 400501


Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.

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* Advanced microprocessor controlling system guarantees the reliability and temperature stability
* Bright and clear LCD digital display and setting for the working temperature, stirring speed, working time, and safety temperature
* Memory function for stirring speed and setting temperature, convenient for experiments with _xed conditions
* Liquid drainage above the control board to prevent liquids from accessing the touching board and the electronics
* Direct connection for Pt100 temperature sensor for convenient solution temperature control
* Sealed outer shell and isolated critical parts design for enhanced longevity even in a harsh laboratory environment
* New enhanced infrared heating element, is a type of high temperature hot plate stirrer with very high heating density, can reach a high media temperature
* High safety protection: When exceeding the safety range of the hot top (50℃ more than the setting temperature) or solution (adjustable for WH240-R), the heating can be shut off immediately and automatically for the safety protection




Display Mode



Digital set and control

Max. Set Temperature ( top plate) (℃ )


Max. Set Temperature (with Pt100 sensor)(℃ )


Temperature Stability (Pt100sensor)( )


Safety Temp. ( )

50~500 adjustable

Stirring Speed Range (rpm)


Heating Capacity (W)


Max. Capacity (L) H2O


Top Plate Material

Ceramic glass

Top Plate Dimensions (mm)


Dimensions (mm)


High Temperature Protection( T)

50 ( Factory set value 50 ,10-50 adjustable)


1 - 1999 / continuous

PID Parameters

2 set of PID





Order No.



  • 1.110.6
    Cylindrical Stir Bars

    Cylindrical stir bars have a smooth and round profile. They can be used for a wide variety of applications and are the general choice for basic stirring processes.

  • 1.210.6
    Plain Stir Bars

    Similar action to cylindrical but gives more turbulence at low speed.

  • 1.513.3
    Octahedral Stir Bars

    Octahedral stir bars employ similar characteristics as Pivot ring stir bars but show a higher turbulence at low stirring speed

  • 1.513
    Colored Octahedral Stir Bars

    Colored octahedral stir bars should be used when the identification of the stirred material is of high importance

  • 1.802
    Micro Stir Bars

    Micro stir bars should be used for small and very small containers

  • 1.802
    Colored Micro Stir Bars

    Colored micro stir bars should be used when the identification of the stirred material is of high importance and when the container is small or very small

  • 1.610
    Oval Stir Bars

    Oval stir bars are preferentially used in flasks with round bottoms

  • 1.3319
    Octaoval Stir Bars

    Octaoval stir bars are effective stir bars with characteristics similar to oval and Pivot type stir bars

  • 1.1712
    Cylindrical Stir Bars With a Removable Pivot Ring

    Removable ring stir bars employ characteristics similar to cylindrical and pivot ring stir bars

  • 1.1910
    Tapered Stir Bar

    Tapered stir bars have very effective stirring characteristics which are similar to those of oval and Pivot ring type

  • 1.1335
    Double Ended Stir Bar

    Double ended stir bars use enlarged areas on both sides for effective and stable stirring

  • 1.412
    Triangular Stir Bars

    Triangular stir bars are effective for dissolving solids and mixing sediments because of their scraper-like characteristics

  • 1.1812
    Ribbed Triangular Stir Bars

    Ribbed triangular stir bars have excellent stirring characteristics at all speeds and can be used on uneven surfaces

  • 1.1609
    Tube Stirrer Magnets

    Tube Stirrer Magnets is suitable for 10mm diameter standard colorimetric ware

  • 1.1110
    Crosshead Stirrer Magnets (Double Sided)

    Crosshead stirrer magnets are designed for the use in tube-shaped containers. There are single sided and double sided crosshead stirrer magnets available

  • 1.1110.1
    Crosshead Stirrer Magnets (Single Sided)

    Crosshead stirrer magnets are designed for the use in tube-shaped containers. There are single sided and double sided crosshead stirrer magnets available

  • 1.2301
    Hub Stirrer Magnets

    Hub Stirrer Magnets can guarantee the stable mixing ability, especially suitable for low speed stirring

  • 1.2401
    Cross-Shaped Stir Bars

    Cross-shaped stir bars are very stable at all speeds and can be used for general purpose stirring

  • 1.2201.1
    Test Tube Wings

    Test tube wing stir bars are effective for round bottom test tubes, centrifuge tubes, and sample tubes

  • 1.1512
    Spherical Stirrer Magnets

    Spherical Stirrer magnets are preferably used in tubes and for eccentric stirring

  • 1.1206
    Glass Encased Stir Bars

    Glass encased stir bars can be used for the stirring of high temperature liquids (up to 275°C). They are nonreactive, leak proof, and nonabsorbent

  • 001.0120
    Extra Large Stir Bars

    Extra large stir bars can used for mixing a large amount of solution, or in large capacity container sample mixing

  • ASTEROID 25/40/70
    High-effective stirring bar

    New developed, high-effective stirring bar, ideal for viscous media, stirring over wide distances or for disadvantageous vessel bottoms.

  • 1.709
    Disc-Shaped Stirrer Magnets

    Disc-Shaped Stirrer Magnets is suitable for the test tube or other tubular container sample mixing

  • SATELLITE 70 / 140
    High-effective stirring bar

    Extremely strong, abrasion-free and wear-free magnetic double stirring bar


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