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Pressure pumps and air supply systems

Power :750 W ,Max. Flow Rate :20 L/min ,Max.pressure :9.5 bar

Model: GH20L

Order NO.: 16720000-22


Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.

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Purified Air System is specifically developed for the applications where air quality is essential for your applications and production processes.
We are committed to provide purified air to Nitrogen generator, Zero air generator, and deliver top air
quality for critical applications including food and beverage processing, chemical processing, electronics
manufacturing and Life science research.

Highest air quality
* GH series has equipped with a condenser, a triple filtration device, and an efficient dryer, to ensure the filtration accuracy of the air and the filtration of water vapor. The particles with a diameter of 0.01 um can be filtered, and the dew point of output gas can reach to -15℃ .
*Use of high-quality stainless steel internal tank to avoid corrosion and solid particles in the tank for a long period of time, to ensure the purity of the output gas
* Purified air system is suitable for supplying nitrogen generators and zero air generators.

Environmentally friendly
We deliver purified air and create less waste compared to oil lubricated compressors. You'll need less oil and filter elements to dispose of after maintenance

*The inside of the motor is equipped with a temperature protection switch. When the internal temperature is too high,it will stop automatically, and it will auto start after cool down.
* The internal tank is equipped with a relief valve. If the equipment reaches the maximum pressure, the relief valve will open automatically to prevent overload and overpressure
* GH series is equipped with digital pressure switches, start and stop can be set according to the customer's needs. If the
pressure switch reaches the set pressure, the motor will stop running.If it exceeds the pressure setting. The pressure switch will display the alarm.
* Maintenance and safety signs are printed on the casing of the Purified air system, to ensure the accurate operation of the unit and avoid damage caused by improper operation.

Quality Assured
*The maximum working pressure can reach 8.5 or 9.5 bar, and it can be adjusted continuously.It is suitable for use in the case of continuous work, and guarantees the output of large flow under the maximum pressure.
*Adjustable output pressure, set the pressure to make the motor turn off. This function can extend the service life and
maintenance cycle of the unit.
* With high precision display guage to ensure that the pressure gauge reading is stable and shows accurate actual pressure
* Direct drive transmission, without belt, further reducing vibration and noise

Smart AIR Solutions
* Compact design, GH6L and computer case are similar in size
* The air inlet is equipped with filter, to filter dust particles and reduce the noise
* The inside of the unit is equipped with shockproof pads and soundproof cotton to reduce the vibration and noise,and reduce the damage caused by mechanical vibration to unit

Lower operating cost
Our innovation has resulted in some of the most energy efficient products in the market, keeping energy costslow.






Max. Pressure (bar)


Pressure adjustment range (bar)




Air tank (L)




Noise (dB)


Dimension L×W×H(mm)


Filter type

Model II Triple filter

Running type Switch:

auto stop, start at 7.5bar and stop at 9.5bar.

Connection (mm)

6mm quick connector or G1/4 Male

safety valve

Release the air pressure automatically when the pressure over 10bar in the air tank




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