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Separatory Funnel Shaker

Speed Range :50~300rpm,Vertical Stroke Length :40mm

Model: WS-1

Order NO.: 32012KA


Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.

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Intensive vertical reciprocal quick solvent extraction shaking unit.
The separatory funnel shaker is able to shake six samples under identical conditions for any series or comparative protocols in chemistry, biotech, and medical labs.

> Intensive vertical shaking
> Shaking of 6 samples under identical conditions possible
> Mostly used in chemical, biotech, and medical laboratories
> The speed can be set between 50 and 300 rpm
> The timer can either be set on continuous or between 0 and 60 min
> Flasks of up to 40 mm width can be used
> Bright TFT display for convenient speed monitoring
> Wide speed range and high precision of the speed control
> Feedback loop to a digital controller
> At the end of a shaking session the device stops automatically with an audible alarm
> Easily adjustable flask holder (max. 5 flasks per side)
> It comes with six funnel holders as standard capable off accommodating up to 1000ml
> WS-1 PLUS entails a flask holder to adjust the shaking angle

Included 500mL Separatory Funnel Holder (Order No.: 32500)
1L Separatory Funnel Holder (Order No.: 32501)
2L Separatory Funnel Holder (Order No.: 32502)


Model WS-1
Motion Type Vertical reciprocal
Speed Range (rpm) 50 ~ 300
Accuracy(± rpm) ± 1
Vertical Stroke Length (mm) 40
Timer 60 min or continuous operation
Overall (W×D×H) (mm) 445×730×505
Max. Load per each Side (kg) 3
Power (W) 90
Fixture 6
Weight (Kg) 77
Shaking Angle Fixed
Order No. 32012KA

* Funnel Capacities (per each side)

Capacity Round type funnel Slim type funnel
under 500mL 3-5 5
500mL 3 3
1L -- 3
2L -- 2




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