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Auto Titrator

Dispensation accuracy:<0.2%;Dispensation repeatability:±0.2%

Model: CAT2-35

Order NO.: CAT2-35


Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.

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CAT Automatic Titrator has been designed to simply and precisely perform the widest range of potentiometric titrations, and has always been the first choice if you are looking for a very easy-to-use automatic titrator for any application. A special training or a deeper knowledge of automatic titration are not necessary to get precise and quick results. That and much more is exactly what the new generation of CAT stands for:
> High resolution pH/mV-measurement input for pH-, silver-,mV-electrodes and double platinum electrode
> Pt 100 temperature measurement input for automatic temperature compensation
> Pre-installed standard methods for alkalinity, total acidity in drinks, free and total SO2 in wine, chloride etc.
> Constant and progressive titration to equivalent points
> Titration to pH and mV-end points
> Automatic pH measurement (If the auto sampler is present)

Typical applications of water/wastewater and environmental analysis
> Automatic pH measurement
> Alkalinity (p+m value)
> Total kjeldahl nitrogen
> Chloride in wastewater

Typical applications of food analysis
> Salt content (chloride, sodium chloride)
> pH-value, total acidity in wine, drinks and other food products
> Ascorbic acid
> protein determination (Kjeldahl-nitrogen in milk and dairy products)
> Free SO2,total SO2 determination in wine
> Iodine and peroxide value

Standard methods

> Pre-installed standard methods for alkalinity, total acidity in drinks, chloride, SO2 in wine etc.
> Each standard method can be used directly or edited according to actual needs
> The commonly used titration method can be marked and set to the top, which is easy for operators to choose quickly
Built-in system setting, date and time setting, calibration solution setting, operator setting, burette manual operation, creep pump manual operation, electrode lifting device manual setting, and continuous titration turntable manual setting function
Including: manual setting of cleaning steps, manual filling of burette, calibration program settings, pH measurement settings, titration results query, import, transfer and deletion, calibration reports and records
Titration curve
> During the titration process, the titration curve is displayed in real time, and the integral curve will be shown after the titration is finished
> After titration, display titration results, including starting values, ending values and calculation results

Specification – CAT




4.3" monochromatic LCD touch screen

Burette dispensation accuracy

Syringe volume: 10mL (It is possible to install up to 2 burettes)
Burette for titrant dosage resolution at 12,000 steps (means 0.83 μL at any step)

Dispensation accuracy

<0.2% (2μL with 10ml syringe)

Dispensation repeatability

± 0.2% (2μL with 10ml syringe)

Peristaltic pump

Interchangeable pump head (up to 3 per unit), 1ml/sec.


Range: 0-14pH, Accuracy:±0.02pH, Resolution:±0.01pH


Range: ±2000mV, Accuracy:±2mV, Resolution:±0.1mV


Range: ±10μA, Accuracy:±2μA, Resolution:±0.1μA


Range: 0-100℃ , Accuracy:±1℃ , Resolution:±0.1℃

Utility procedures

1.Priming 2.Cleaning 3.Electrode calibration

Method template

EP, EQ, free SO2, total SO2 and double SO2

pH calibration

Automatic buffer recognition. Refusal of defective electrodes. Notice expired calibration (to be set from 0 to 7 days). Temperature compensation with pt100 probe during pH calibration
1. 1 buffer calibration (7)
2. 2 buffers calibration (7, 4 or 10)
3. Theorical (Nernst equation)
4. Oenological: 2 buffers calibration (7, 3)


1. Electrode port (x2)
2. USB A
3. USB B
4. RS232 serial (for external printer)
5. RS232 serial (for sampler)
6. Bluetooth (for external PC)

Internal memory

Last 50 analyses and last 10 calibrations
Up to 30 methods
Data export: (date, hour, operator ID, sample ID, method, result, titrant volume) a) To USB pen drive (file csv) b) To external pc (via dedicated)


1. Printer
2. Single analysis stand
3. 16-position sampler
4. 35-position micro-sampler
5. Auto-level adjuster
6. Automatic degasser
7. Software for data management on external PC

Order Information
CAT2 Automatic titrator with 35-position micro-sampler

Order No.




Basis set

Basic unit without electrode, including CAT2, AS24 35 position micro-sampler (1),Stirring paddle(2),10ml burette(2),titration tube(2),power supply(1),1L glass bottle(2), GL45 and S40 adapter(2),drying tube(2).


For pH titration

CAT2-35-M1 with Micro pH electrode and buffer solution


For Precipitation titration

CAT2-35-M1 with Micro Ag electrode


For Redox titration

CAT2-35-M1 with Micro Pt electrode


For Dead stop titration

CAT2-35-M1 with Micro Double Platinum electrode



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