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CO2 Incubator

Description: The incubator is ideal for the experiments of the cultivation of animal cells...

The incubator is ideal for the experiments of the cultivation of animal cells, sperm/ovum, anaerobic cells, all sorts of microbe cells, hatching/germinating and special tissues.
The high quality CO2 Incubator developed and produced by Wiggens have excellent uniformity of temperature, CO2, O2 (optional). Electric Heating wire is covered on all sides of chamber, Warm Air from heating wire is preserved in space between chamber and insulation, all of these design make stable uniformity and provides fast heat-up & temperature recovery. Dry wall with insulation is not required to regular maintenance.  three parts of heating section are controlled and calibrated individually by three temperature sensors. Fast & Precise Detection for CO2 gas regardless of temperature and humidity.The heater on bottom side warm the water in tray and it makes humidification. Circulation fan deliver the moisture formed from the water in entire chamber. Glass door heater to prevent condensation. 4W UV is placed up of chamber ceiling and beside of circulation fan. The UV light is not reached to sample and sterilization is operated during culturing. Buzzer to alarm low or high deviation of CO2, Temperature. Heating is automatically cut by safety device when temperature control failed or there is excessive heating over set point. Entire chamber is made of stainless steel, and rounded conner allows easy cleaning. Perforated Shelves are good for natural air flows and are made of stainless steel which are resistant against rust and contamination.



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