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Achema 2018-The Magic Motion

Description: Visitors to WIGGENS's redesigned booth (Achema Hall 4.2, Booth J59) from June 11 to 15 will be treated to exciting and varied highlights under the motto “THE MAGIC MOTION”.

Visitors to WIGGENS's redesigned booth (Achema Hall 4.2, Booth J59) from June 11 to 15 will be treated to exciting and varied highlights under the motto “THE MAGIC MOTION”.

Wiggens is your general laboratory companion and provides products that can be used in all kinds of laboratory environments. The Wiggens product range entails an extensive range of vacuum pumps, vacuum filtration systems, magnetic stirrers. Advanced infrared hot plates with integrated stirring functions for an even heat distribution among your solvents are also available, in addition Wiggens also provides overhead stirrers with diverse characteristics to perfectly match the laboratory stirring and blending requirements. In addition, Wiggens offers a complete range of new products in 2018 including rotary evaporator, homogenizers of different magnitudes as well as a broad range of shakers, multi-purpose heaters. incubators, ovens and shaking incubators for full temperature control.

The rotary evaporator STRIKE 300 combines excellent operating characteristics and high performance levels, all in an ergonomic design. STRIKE 300 has been projected in complete respect of safety needs and in compliance with the existing directive regarding equipment construction and electromagnetic compatibility. The exclusive sealing system allows a perfect vacuum-tight anti-corrosion seal without gaskets or other materials that can be damaged by solvent contact. This sealing system is a standard feature in all strike models and can be used with all types of glassware.Thanks to solvent recovery systems matching with rotary evaporator perfectly.

A series pump is a New Entry Level for Anti-Corrosion Diaphragm Pump, which can be used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other industries, such as suction filtration, vacuum distillation, rotational evaporation, vacuum concentration, centrifugal concentration, solid phase extraction and so on. In addition to the chemical resistant diaphragm pumps A series, WIGGENS will also be exhibiting selected C series, V series, rotary vane pumps, vacuum controller, VDM Vacuum Digital Meter and filtration systems.

HT serial digital hot plate / stirrers with the new infrared technology, is a high-temperature type hot plate stirrer with very good heating efficiency as well as great stability. Chemical resistant ceramic glass plate with excellent anti-thermal-shock characteristics, robust and easy to clean with an attractive_appearance as well as practical reliability. In this series also includes hotplates, magnitic stirrers, multi-purpose heater and dry bath

WIGGENS offers overhead stirrers for your stirring and mixing tasks in the lab for low to high viscosities. safety, power and intelligence were again at the core of the development of this product range. process stirring quantities of up to 100 liters. And we also have high torque / high speed overhead stirrers, remotely controllable model and many accessories.

Digital temperature controller for heating mantles and stirring mantles, Powerful programmable temperature controller with universal input technology supports thermocouple, thermal resistance, voltage, current and other signal directly input, maximum 30 step programming, measurement accuracy of 0.1 level. Parameters that can be controlled includes heating, cooling, programming, stirring and safety temperature, even a small reactor system.

There will be other products show at the exhibition, such as Homogenizers, Shakers, CO2 incubators, Ultrasonic Cleaner and so on.

Be sure to visit the WIGGENS booth in Hall 4.2 (Booth J59) and consult with our experts about your specific requirements during the Achema show.  The WIGGENS show team looks forward to your visit.





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