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Rocking Shaker

Speed range:5~100rpm,Max. Load including attachment:5kg

Model: WS-350R

Order NO.: W5011001


Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.

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WIGGENS Rocking Shaker is innovatively designed for use in a wide range of lab applications. WS-350R provides controlled seesaw-like motion, while the Shakers offer a smooth, low-foaming, 3D wave motion. Each unit includes a dimpled mat and universal harness It can be used in the incubator because the unit is designed for ambient temperature between 2 ℃ and 50℃

Your advantages
> Working speeds range from 5rpm to 100rpm "
> Bright TFT with display resolution 1rpm, easy to operate with the knob and control keys
> Tilt Angle ranges from 7° to 13°
> Smooth Starting function to protect sample spilling out
> Users can set the timer from 1 min to 99 hour 59 min, with the count-down timer.
> BLDC motor provides low noise and strong durability
> During overload situation, it shows overload sign, make alarm and stop the running

Mixing blood samples, DNA extractions, blotting techniques, staining and destaining gels, hybridizations


Model WS-350R
Shaking System Speed range(rpm) 5~100
Speed control type Feedback Control
Tilt Angle Easy adjustable from 7° to 13°
Timer 1min to 99 hrs 59 min, Count-down time
Safety device Over current protection
Max. Load including attachment (kg) 5
Motor type BLDC motor
Control panel TFT, Delete touch keys and the control knob
Dimension Overall Dimension (W×D×H, mm) 276 x 343 x 150
Tray dimension (W x D, mm) 276x 276
Net Weight (kg) 6.9
Materials PP, PET, Powder coated steel (Housing)
Electrical requirement 100 ~ 240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Order No. W5011001

Standard package includes: shaker and tray ( Order No.W5011101)


Order No. Part Description
W5011101 Removable tray (Standard) Included tray, silicon mate and universal harness (6ea)
W5011102 Removable tray Included tray, rubber mat and universal harness (6ea)
W5011201 Tray Tray only
W5011202 Rubber mat Rubber mat
W5011203 Dimpled mat Dimpled mat
W5011204 Universal harness, 6ea Universal harness, 6ea



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