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Large-Capacity Rotary Evaporator

Working range:ambient ... 150 ℃

Model: ST20

Order NO.: SQFU079737


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ST20 has both industrial and laboratory rotary evaporation features. It meets all the process needs by using borosilicate glass and PTFE permitting aggressive substance treatment. The plant allows for evaporation of volatile components ( low boiling point ) so as to separate them from the residual ones ( high boiling point) due to the difference of their boiling points. Easy and totally safe startup, check and stop procedures of the process: ST20 is provided with a transparent protection shield for the evaporation flask and the thermostatic bath.
>Heating bath
The heating bath is lifted by means of a hydraulic system which, in case of power failure, goes automatically down to avoid fluid overheating and bumping.
>Sealing system
A great feature of ST20 is its sealing system made of self-lubricating material which guarantees perfect vacuum tightness. This sealing system does not require any maintenance.
>Pressure and temperature
ST20 runs under atmospheric pressure conditions or vacuum. It guarantees perfect vacuum tightness up to 5 mbar. The perfect sealing up to 5 mbar allows for reduced process time due to low evaporation temperature of the fluid. The thermostatic bath can run both with water and oil, and the maximum temperature can reach 150℃ ; it also permits evaporation of any solvent under atmospheric pressure conditions. The heating bath is supplied with 3KW electric heaters.
>Measurement, visual display and recording of the following parameters:
 > Bath pre-set and real temperature
 > Vapor pre-set and real temperature
 > Pre-set and real rotation speed
 > Pre-set and real vacuum reading and setting 

Display and Operation
Vapor temperature protection
> Max. vapor temperature settings
> Min. vapor temperature settings
> Vapor temperature range
Rotation settings
> Rotation switch
> Speed settings
Bath temperature settings
> Bath temperature switch
> Temperature settings
> Temperature Delta
Vacuum settings
> Vacuum switch
> Vacuum settings
> Vacuum Delta
The process operating parameters can be set and monitored on a 7" touch-screen display.
Measurement, display and data recording of the following parameters:
- Set and actual temperature value of the bath
- Set and actual vapour temperature value
- Set and actual rotation speed value of the evaporation flask
- Set and actual vacuum value (vacuum controller included as standard)

- Distillation(continuous and discontinuous)
- Solvent recycling
- Reflux process reaction
- Component drying
- Fine chemical synthesis
- Crystallization
- Extraction
- Purification
- R&D study
- Scale-down processe

- Pharmaceutical
- Chemical
- Cosmetic
- Herb extraction
- Food
- Research
- Petrochemical

Technical Features

Heating bath
Working range ℃ ambient ... 150
Accuracy ℃ ± 2
Resolution ℃ 0.1
Set point YES (1℃ step)
Type of control PID
Maximum oscillation during checkout ℃ ± 3
Power resistor KW 3
Heater power density ≤3W/cm2
Over-temperature protection YES
Temperature sensor PT100
Filling level Manual
Vapour temperature
Working range ℃ ambient ... 150
Accuracy ℃ ± 2
Resolution ℃ 0.1
Temperature sensor PT100
Working range rpm 10-150
Accuracy rpm ± 2
Rotation speed reading YES
Resolution rpm 1
Vacuum control
Working range mbar 8~atmospheric
Accuracy mbar ±5mbar
Resolution mbar 1
Absolute vacuum reading
Display Digital
Vacuum setting
Lifting system
Electric driven
Export data
Remote control
Alarms and controls
Heating bath overheating
Bath temperature exceeding set point
Soft start rotation
Rotation speed monitoring
Safety status (rotation, lifting, heating=off)
Evaporation flask protection
20 lt evaporation flask
10 lt evaporation flask
6 lt evaporation flask
Collecting flasks: 2x6 lt or 1x10lt
Glassware configuration Descending, reflux, customized
General features
Cooler exchange surface (sqm) 0.5
Over-pressure protection
Protection with rupture disc
Quick closing
Dimensions (WxDxH mm) 1240x580x2060
Power supply 230V, 3.2 kW
Weight 160Kg
Vapours cycle maximum temperature
Vapours cycle minimum temperature
Vapours cycle Temp range
Receipt/methods in memory
Recipes customization
Data acquisition on PC
Remote control
Bath lowering in case of alarm
Optional accessories
Plastic coated glassware
Evaporation flask protection shield

Order information
Order No. Configuration
SQFU079737 ST20 descending glassware (Vapor sinking), 20L evaporating flask, 1x10L collecting flask
SQFU079738 ST20 descending glassware (Vapor sinking), 20L evaporating flask, 2x6L collecting flasks
SQFU079735 ST20 reflux glassware (Vapor rising), 20L evaporating flask, 1x10L collecting flask
SQFU079736 ST20 reflux glassware (Vapor rising), 20L evaporating flask, 2x6L collecting flasks

Accessories for ST20

Order No. Description
SQFW080270 Stainless steel trolley for evaporating flask handling
SQFY080951 6L Evaporation vessel for ST20
SQFY080952 10L Evaporation vessel for ST20
SQFY080953 20L Evaporation vessel for ST20
SQFY080954 6L Plastic-coated collecting vessel for ST20
SQFY080955 10L Plastic-coated collecting vessel for ST20



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