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Flow mL/min300;Purity >99.9996%

Model: RACK-PG 300 Plus

Order NO.: RACK-PG 300 Plus


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The Chemtron Gas PG Plus Rack combines the reliability of the hydrogen generator with a zero air generator into a 19” rack. The generator can be installed in any suitable 19” static or mobile cabinet. This simple but effective instrument can supply all your FID gas requirements. Designed as a hazard free alternative to high pressure cylinders, all that is required is deionized water, compressed air and a standard electrical supply for weeks of continuous operation.

Utilizing our proprietary Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) inside a 100% titanium cell provides superior generator performance and cell longevity. The unique high pressure permeation membrane drying system eliminates the requirement for desiccant cartridges along with the associated downtime and cost. Innovative software control allows unrivaled operational performance and safety as well as the additional options of auto water feed, remote networking and cascading for built in redundancy. With a maximum output capacity of 600 mL/min, one generator can supply up to 14 FIDs. The compact design allows the generator to be installed directly in the laboratory eliminating the requirement for long gas lines and guaranteeing the delivery of high purity gas to your instrument.

A sophisticated control system connected to an easy to use touch screen continuously monitors vital operating parameters to ensure a safe and consistent performance. Built in sensors will shut the generator down if internal/external leaks are present, contaminated water, low water or over pressure. This is why Chemtron Gas generator meet the strict safety guidelines to be certified for CE, FCC and MET (CSA and UL compliant).

Compressed air is prefiltered to 5 micron and then purified using a state of the art combined heated catalyst module. The output zero grade air is free from total hydrocarbons to <0.1 ppm, making it ideal for all FID applications. These levels assure high sensitivity, a flat stable baseline and no ghost peaks.


A constant gas supply with a guaranteed purity, eliminates interruptions of analyses to change cylinders and reduces the amount of instrument re-calibration required.


Hydrogen as a carrier gas is faster and more sensitive than expensive helium, with run time savings of 25% to 35% without a decline in resolution. The use of hydrogenas a carrier gas allows lower temperature elution, thus extending the life of thechromatograph column.


Gas is produced on demand, which allows for the safe use of the hydrogen generator when cylinders are prohibited or regarded as potentially dangerous. Sophisticated software control and full alarm capability, including for hydrogen leaks, gives the user full control of the gas supply


Gas generator can be installed in the laboratory close to the instrument, eliminating the need for long gas lines from external cylinder supplies. A constant guaranteed high purity gas supply improves stability and ensures greater reproducibility of results.



Produces a continuous supply of hydrogen & zero air | 19” rack housing | On-demand supply 24/7 | H2 Flow rate: 100 to 600 mL/min - zero air flow rates up to 5 L/min | H2 Purity: +99.9996% zero air purity, 0.1 ppm of hydrocarbons | Pressure: 11 barg (160 psig) | Proprietary 100% titanium cell technology | Unique permeation membrane drying system | USB connectivity | 2-year complete cell and product warranty | Easy to install, operate and maintain


Eliminates dangerous high pressure cylinders helping to keep your employees safer | Ideal for all 19”cabinet applications | Removes the logistics, inconvenience, downtime and costs of a cylinder system | Flow capacity and purity to match your specific instrument demands | Ideal for all GC detector applications | Meets and exceeds the requirements for the most demanding GC applications | Superior hydrogen production with reliable long life cell | Minimal maintenance - low cost of ownership | PC

monitoring for maintenance, diagnostics and remote connection | Peace of mind | Improve your work flow and productivity


Zero air option 1.8 L/min or 5 L/min | I/O board | Remote control software (RS232 or USB) | Cascading hardware (standard or high purity) | Refill valve - replacing inlet pump (for H2O pressurized lines) | Refill station (water tank) 3U or 2U | Rack enclosure



> Process GC analyzers detector fuel, oxidant gas

> Emissions test analyzers fuel gas, oxidant gas

> Stack gas analyzers fuel gas, oxidant gas


> On-board gas supply for mobile laboratories



Hydrogen is produced from the hydrolysis of deionized water across a PEM (proton exchange membrane), housed in a 100% titanium cell. The resultant hydrogen is dried via a dual stage process, a gas liquid separator and a unique dual high performance permeation membrane dryer.

In addition to water all that the generator requires is a standard connection and supply of electricity for a continuous 24/7 supply of high purity hydrogen. Consumable items are limited to the replacement of a deionizer bag every six months.


Model / Specifications

RACK-PG 300 Plus

Flow mL/min




Dew point at 7 barg (100 psig)

-25 ℃ (-13 ℉ )

Outlet pressure barg (psig)

0.5 to 11 (7 to 160)


PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) - 100% Titanium cell

Drying system

Regenerative Permeation Membrane

Deionized water quality

Minimum < 1 micro S/cm @ 25ºC - 1 Mohm-cm @ 25ºC - ASTM II

Recommended < 0.2 microS/cm @ 25ºC - 5 Mohm-cm @ 25ºC - ASTM II

External water tank (liters)

External 5 liter bottle and internal pump


Automatic shut down - internal/external hydrogen leak, overpressure and low water


Touch screen with operating parameters, system status and safety alarms

LED indicators

Power on/off, system ready, errors


USB mod A

Electrical supply

110-120V 60Hz / 220-240V 50Hz

Power consumption (watts)


Dimensions mm (in)

19” rack W x 3U H x 500D (19.6)

Weight kg (lbs)

17 (37.4)

Shipping dimensions mm (in)

720W x 375H x 565D (28.3W x 14.7H x 22.2D)

Shipping weight kg (lbs)

21 (46)

Operating temp ℃ ( ℉ )

15 to 35 (59 to 95)

Outlet connection

1/8" Compression


CE, FCC, MET (UL and CSA compliant)


Zero Air module

1.8 or 5 L/min

External water tank

19” rack 5 liter (2U) or 10 liter (3U) tank


Up to 10 units – built in redundancy for guaranteed up-time


RS232/RS485, external contacts, PC control and intranet



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