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The Wiggens Brand

Wiggens was established in 2005 with the goal delivering the best Laboratory equipment and service for reliable results, since then Wiggens has been producing top-quality general laboratory equipment, our brand Wiggens stands for high quality, durability and remarkable performance.

Wiggens is your general laboratory companion and provides products that can be used in all kinds of laboratory environments. The Wiggens product range entails an extensive range of magnetic stirrers, heating mantles and dry baths. Advanced infrared hot plates with integrated stirring functions for an even heat distribution among your solvents are also available, in addition Wiggens also provides overhead stirrers with diverse characteristics to perfectly match the laboratory stirring and blending requirements. In addition, Wiggens offers a complete range of new products in 2017 including homogenizers of different magnitudes as well as a broad range of shakers, multi-purpose heaters, colony counters. incubators, ovens and shaking incubators for full temperature control.

ChemVak is your brand specializing in vacuum technology offering an extensive range of vacuum pumps for all applications, including chemical-resistant diaphragm pumps and oil-free piston pumps, are complemented by vacuum filtration equipment for a wide range of different applications. In addition, water-jet aspirator pumps and bio-suction systems are part of the product range. In 2017, Wiggens launched its whole range gas generators with Vgas product band, the new Vgas product line rounds out the picture of Wiggens as a specialist in vacuum and gas related operations.

ChemTron is your brand for chemical reaction solutions, Biotron for highly qualified bio-equipment and Vdose specialized in liquid handling pumps, completes the range of brands within the Wiggens family. 

What Wiggens stands for:  

Wide Product Range
Wiggens offers a very broad sortiment of products ranging from small handheld homogenizers to large incubators, from hot plates to refrigeration units. Our aim is to provide the complete range of products and solutions for the average laboratory, so that you can get everything you need from just one address.

International Orientation
After being established as a manufacturer of high quality products in the domestic market, we started to explore the international markets in search for further growth opportunities. After a short period of brand establishment, Wiggens now is well known, not only in China, but in many parts of the world, with the focus on the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East.

Great Quality
By using only highest quality raw material and spare parts, we ensure a high standard from the beginning. Our well-trained technicians ensure the assembly of top quality products with exactly the same standard for every batch. In the seldom case of a sub-standard assembly our quality control staff makes sure that the product won’t leave production until it satisfies the high requirements we set for all our products. In addition, Wiggens products stand under constant scrutiny and are improved in regular intervals to further heighten the overall quality.

Great Service
Our focus for Wiggens lies not only on the sale of products, but on the development of long term relationships with our customers and distributors. Therefore, selling is just the first step. A huge team of after-sales staff, service technicians, and service support has the mission to ensure that your initial positive experience of Wiggens products stays positive over a long period of time.

Energetic Team
A huge team of over 130 young professionals is strongly committed to provide you with great products and excellent service. With over 80% of our staff possessing a bachelor degree or higher we ensure that our products can reach ever higher standards. Because only quality can build quality, our recruiting system is designed to only find and employ most talented professionals, not only from the domestic labor markets, but from international sources as well.

New Ideas
Based on the input we receive from customers and distributors, we constantly improve Wiggens products and services. Led by our research and development team, and powered by input from sales and marketing staff, new ideas, ranging from small details enhancing the ease of use to large projects of completely new and innovative products, are incorporated into Wiggens products and services.

Our final aim is the satisfaction of our customers and the enhancement of our customer base. In order to achieve this, selling products is not enough. Customers come to us because they have a problem or need, and our task is to provide a satisfying solution. Equipped with a flexible mindset and production line we can not only sell standardized products, but provide customized solutions for your individual laboratory or research facility.


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