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Heating Block

28×50 (ID x H in mm) 15 Holes


Order NO.:13697-12W


Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.

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Constant temperature stirring hot blocks

* The hot block has a round dented design which is suitable for Ø 135mm round top hot plate stirrer, such as Wiggens WH220-R or WH240-R. The hot block can also be put on the top of the rectangle hot plate stirrer such as Wiggens WH220-HT or WH240-HT, since WH220-HT and WH240-HT are using infrared heating method, the dented structure on the bottom does not effect the heating.
* The open holes for the vials are designed with accurate calculation and practical tests, have the best heating and stirring uniformity for various parallel reactions.
* Suggest to use Wiggens recommended original Stirrer Magnets for better performance.

1.1110    Crosshead Stirrer Magnet     Ø 10mm   

1.1114     Crosshead Stirrer Magnet    Ø 14mm

1.1117     Crosshead Stirrer Magnet     Ø 17mm

1.1122     Crosshead Stirrer Magnet     Ø 22mm

stainless T-Shape Handle for removing the heating block and sample even in high temperature

stainless T-shape handle,length:20cm

stainless T-shape handle,length:30cm


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