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Hydrogenation Reactor

Including two different volume of vessels, 950ml and 1850ml

Model: 7485

Order NO.: 7485


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The hydrogenation reaction system is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry for the synthesis of gases, liquids, and solids within 5 ATM, 80 ℃ , or under normal temperature and pressure conditions. Including catalytic hydrogenation, unsaturated hydrocarbon reduction, condensation reaction Evaluation of hydrogenation catalysts and synthesis reactions that require intense mixing. The traditional hydrogenation or gas addition reaction operation uses an ordinary high-pressure reaction reactor. The gas is introduced into the reactor by the air duct, and the distribution and contact reaction of the gas in the liquid material is achieved by the high speed stirring of the paddle. The requirement of large gas pressure, strong mixing, and long contact reaction time increase the uncertainty and danger of reaction experiments. And because the high-pressure reactor is generally stainless steel, it is not suitable for acid or halogen. A reaction in which a prime component participates, thereby limiting hydrogenation or other gas-liquid reactions.

> By using the unique reaction kettle, the rolling effect is formed on the liquid surface of the reactor. The contact area and mass transfer efficiency of the reaction are increased, and the reaction rate of the reaction is improved.
> The reaction rate is more than five times that of the normal reaction reactor.
> Hydrogen storage and pressure control can be achieved by standard configuration
> Can provide oscillatory reaction state without rest for a long time to meet the requirements of long time response
>During the reaction process, the reaction temperature can be measured and controlled, and the reaction conditions can be extended from room temperature to 80 ℃
> The patented glass hydrogenation reaction bottle that can withstand 4 to 10 bar pressure realizes the visualization of the reaction process and can react with acid and halogen components.
> The glass hydrogenation reaction bottle with epoxy resin coating can be selected to protect the glass debris from bursting when the reaction bottle is accidentally blown.
> The external design of the reaction bottle has explosion-proof guardrail to further enhance the safety during the reaction
> The connection of the usual soft rubber plug hydrogenated bottle mouth is changed to ACE-TRRED safe thread connection, which guarantees the sealing in the pressure environment to the maximum, and also avoids the cross-contamination problems often caused by the rubber plug seal; And increase
> Temperature control system of heating sleeve is optional.

7485 Hydrogenation reactor
> Including two different volume of vessels, 950ml and 1850ml
> Built in hydrogen cylinder, the Max. pressure up to 60pisg
> Two pressure gauges show pressure of the reactor and hydrogen cylinder inside
> Bright TFT screen which can display the shaking speed
> Smart and convenient on-touch control the speed
> Protective Lidfor hydrogenation bottle
> Temperature control model is available

No. Order No. Description Qty
1-1 7485-25 Apparatus II 1
1-2 7485-72 "Apparatus IIA, for Hazardous locations,
115v-60Hz [Conforms to NEC Class I, Grp. D and Class II, Grp. E, F, G]"
1-3 7485-78 Apparatus IIB, with Air Motor 1
2 8648-155 Reaction Vessel, glass, #25 Screw thread 950m 1
3 8648-157 Reaction Vessel, glass, #25 Screw thread 1850ml 1
4 7485-36 Spacer-Bushing, Aluminum 1
5 5029-202 #7 Bushing, Nylon, Big Head 1
6 7482-33 #7-#25 Adapter, PTFE 1
7 7482-37 Upper Rubber Pad 1
8 7482-38 lower Rubber Pad 1



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