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Service Hotline

Interested in new products? Our sales team is just a call away:
+86 400 809 2068

Product Support

WIGGENS have experts serve for your Applied Technology. We are pleased to serve you, find the optimal solution for your application problems. Please consult our service hotline: 4006502011 or send email to us service@wiggens.com).

You can also send the samples to us. We will use the appropriate equipment testing for your samples  within 48 hours! Please  deliver  your samples according to the following address: Building No. 45, Tianshan International Enterprise Base, North Yingbin Road, Yanjiao Economic Development Zone, Beijing, China, 065201

Installation and Commissioning

We are aquired and authorizated by the original factory. The installation and commissioning are all done, to ensure your using in long-term.  

Repair and Maintenance


We can improve the the operation of instruments, through our professional personnel experience integrate with industry resources.


The daily equipment maintenance keep the operatation of your laboratory. To make the laboratory operate normally (7 days, 24hours).

Consulting and Training

Consulting and training will be all the way, from initial instument selection, the method of establishing and optimized analysis methd etc.


Service Hotline

Interested in new products? Our sales team is just a call away:
+86 400 650 2011

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