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Service Hotline

Interested in new products? Our sales team is just a call away:
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Service Center

Our task here at Wiggens General Laboratory Equipment is not only to sell equipment but much more to provide professional service for you. We are happy to sort out any questions you have towards general lab equipment and to provide the best possible solutions for problems you encounter in your laboratory. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our hotline (+0086-400-650-2011) or write an email to service@wiggens.com. We will reply to you within 48 hours.

Sample Handling
You can send us your samples as well. We will find find the suitable equipment for your sample and test it within 48 hours (given that the test itself does not take up more time). In order to guarantee a smooth and save delivery of your sample to our facilities, please send it to the following address: Tianshan International Development Zone, Building #45, 4th Floor, Huada Street, Yanjiao Development Region for Economy and Technology, 065201 - Beijing East, China

Set Up and Installation
Because of our highly experienced team, which went through plentiful training sessions, we can assist you in the set up and installation of our equipment, and can provide long time service to maximize your long time benefits and minimizes your daily headaches.

Because of the huge experience and regular training sessions, our service staff is able to swiftly execute any repairing and maintenance work, so that you don’t lose valuable time and can quickly get back to whichever project needs your immediate attention. Our daily maintenance service guarantees that you can run your lab with the shortest amount of interruptions possible and that, in the unlikely event of malfunction of one of your Wiggens products, you don’t run the risk of having to delay your lab work. 

Consultation and Training
We provide consultation and training for all available Wiggens lab equipment as well as general laboratory related topics. Our trainings cover the whole process from choosing the right equipment for the given problem, over correct installation and operation of the equipment, up to trouble shooting and maintenance handling. For advanced equipment we regularly set up case studies, where training participants can work in detail on complex problems and compete in finding the smartest solution. On top of equipment related and laboratory related topics, we provide training and consultation on topics as diverse as communication skills, language, business behavior, natural science and engineering as well as marketing and design.

Measurement Verification, Simulated Emergency Tests, and Calibration
In order to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your experiments, we can provide services in measurement verification, simulated emergency tests, and calibration. In the case of measurement verification for any kind of equipment, we can inspect mechanics, temperature, frequencies, optics, chemical properties, and the likes, and provide a full report on the test results.

Service Hotline

Interested in new products? Our sales team is just a call away:
+86 400 650 2011

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