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Integration of ChemVak into the Wiggens Brand

In order to improve the corporate indentity and the brand image of Wiggens, the second brand ChemVak has been reduced to a product line under Wiggens. This way all efforts and funds could be focused on Wiggens, which led to many positive effects such as reduced costs for marketing and production.


Co-Operation with MDL Asia
For the better care of the Asia-Pacific Region Shinetek started the co-operation with MDL Asia for better business development of the sector. With representation on all major South-East Asian regions MDL Asia is the perfect partner for bringing Wiggens closer to the customer.



The first Infrared Hot Plate / Stirrer
Shinetek finally stepped out of the shadow of generic product manufacturing and presents the first Infrared Hot Plate with and without stirring function ever seen in the market.


2012 Oct.
Focus on Export
With the installation of an international markets manager Shinetek started focusing business for Wiggens and ChemVak on international markets.



2012 Mar.
Research Center Opening
On late March this year Shinetek celebrated the grand opening of its research center, warehouse and office space in Beijing’s neighbor city Yanjiao. It is here where Wiggens products are assembled and new features and models are thought of and developed.



Start of Export Business
Due to international demand towards Wiggens and ChemVak products Shinetek decided to open the gates towards the export business, though on a small and controllable scale.



Acquisition of Wiggens and ChemVak
Due to financial difficulties as well as massive production problems Wiggenhauser was forced to sell the Wiggens and ChemVak brand together with all technical know-how and patents. Shinetek took the opportunity to acquire Wiggens and ChemVak and made them a part of the Shinetek brand family.



Creation of ChemVak
In order to separately promote vacuum equipment the brand ChemVak was created.
New products such as vacuum pumps and vacuum filtration units were assembled under the new name of ChemVak



2006 Feb.
Promotion of Wiggens Products in China
The first generation of Wiggens products like blenders, shakers, and homogenizers were introduced into the Chinese market. Also during that time, Shinetek started with the assembly of some of the Wiggens products in co-operation with Wiggenhauser.



2005 Jun.
Start of Co-Operation with Wiggenhauser
Shinetek became the sole distributor for the German manufacturer Wiggenhauser, which states the Origin of Wiggens as you know it today.




2004 Apr.
Change of Company Name
Shinetek changed its name to Shinetek Research Institute, which we have kept until now.



2003 Sep.
Formation of  the Shanghai Representative
In order to better take care of customers in the Shanghai area, the Shinetek Shanghai representative office was erected, to date being the largest representative office consisting of a constant staff of over 20 employees.



2000 Sep.
Founding of Shinetek Instruments
Shinetek Instruments was founded in Beijing under the name of Shinetek Technology Development Company Ltd. which marked the beginning of an unparalleled success story.




Service Hotline

Interested in new products? Our sales team is just a call away:
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